S4Y#29: "Within" | Daft Punk feat. Chilly Gonzales

In Daft Punk's latest album, there's a track where the duo collaborates with Giorgio Moroder, then it is followed by a chord progression made by pianist Chilly Gonzales in transition to a slow and soft flow of melodies. It's a bit jazzy in the transition, then it finally reaches the melancholic point, where "Within" begins.

"A deep vocoder sings about not understanding the world, being lost and not even remembering his own name," writes critic Nick Stevenson. Another coming-of-age feeling, it seems, though it can be felt by anyone.

This reminds me of something: in understanding the world, and being found from being lost, God can help, for He does show the world in His perspective, and He shows the Way for the lost.

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