(I Want To) Flee From Bitterness

Aren't there things, pictures, or whatsoever that may bring some flashbacks, then you realize they aren't that good flashbacks? As if you have already thrown something, then it just throws back to you?

Aren't we supposed to leave our past, except its lessons, and live at the present and hope for the future? Most of us just do that. Then, why at some point what we had already deleted seemed to have a back up?

That made me this.

(I Want To) Flee From Bitterness

I came from a complex past
and I got through it—life's so fast
Pain and other else I just felt
I'm thankful I didn't melt

Hours and days stepped history
Growing—thriving—up I see
Times have gone by
but feeling a sting when it's gone—why?

When I threw the bad in the bin
why should it go back in?
If the hurtful and unfavorable was swept
then why those same things I get?

I want to flee from this bitterness
Never arrive in circumstances of sadness
Even bits of memory that corrupts the positive
I plea—delete!—also the figures of not good things

Where's the door through the way out?
I grip on You and still I'm sometimes struck
But still I find in You that better way
So that from thrown bitterness I am away

Please guide me where You want me to
I know I had pain and tasted the harsh because I have to
I know you want me to learn
and to You you want me to turn

You are good and loving
Keeping your creation from falling
Even to the extent of being crushed
Just for the spirit not to mash

And yet you don't leave us alone
Your grace and love you have shown
—and still revealing to make whole the broken
Setting free and starting again


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