I have three words for Haiyan, or Yolanda, which deeply struck the Philippines, actually Visayas: strong, short, but most of all saddening.

For the first time I felt a heavy sadness and awe when I saw the pictures of destruction, the piles of debris, and the agony of people in Leyte and Samar on television. Really depressing. 

After the typhoon, lots of help came, from both the local and international. Telethons are held. Concerts happen for the cause. Celebrities auction their things. Foreign aid, which amounts to billions, is given (we hope that they wouldn't go nowhere). 

But how about me?, I thought last Sunday. Shouldn't I give something? Shouldn't I give to Red Cross or somewhere else? Shouldn't I donate?

I lament the situation, but shouldn't I donate? Yet, unlike others, I don't get much money, though I admit I have savings. 

Thankfully, last Wednesday our school called for donations. 

But at that Sunday evening, the thought crowded my mind. What could I give at the moment? 

And so I give you this 2-stanza poem.


What can I do
but only prayers for you?
Head down, face frown
For the tragedy that put you down

Thankful here, for we're safe
Thankful there, for our spirit's great
Hoping you will all get well
God be with us: to trust may we never forget.


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