101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 10)

We're finally at the final 10! At last! What to expect? It's yours to unfold. Well, you really have to listen. You may find these songs nice and put it in your cellphones—ahem—smartphones. So why don't you give them a try?

Let's unfold these remarkable songs I listened at third year.

10. "You got to push, got to shove"

Life On The Nickel|Foster The People

Yeah yeah yeah. We have FTP again...or FTPs. Anyway, aside from the unique electronic and pop-ish sound of FTP, the words of "Hustling", a.k.a. "Life On The Nickel", is relative to how my day to day life turned out before.

For me, the word hustling is like working in the wee hours of the night and staying awake like an insomniac. Working here, working there.

I also like the pumped-up live version.

9. "But then I act like I know everything"

Broken Jaw|Foster The People

Yeah yeah...A slow progression followed by a DJ-like upbeat tempo. That's how I'll describe "Broken Jaw".

8. "Your social guides give you swollen eyes /But what I've got can't be bought"

Call It What You Want|Foster The People

Yeah. 3 songs in a row from FTP. Because they're really the band that I can relate myself to.

Here, we have a classic piano riff combined with things electro. Also, we hear what it conveys. And what it conveys to me is something I can grasp at an instant.

Otis(autistic). Serious. Demure. Formal. Whatever. Call me what you want. What's important is that I am being myself and not "themselves".

7. "Most nights I don't know anymore"

Some Nights|Fun.

It's a cry that I'll cry aloud. It's a battle hymn I'll hum.

Coming from their second album, "Some Nights" reveals a more powerful power pop that's really fun.'s.

Look at it. Some nights. And it's true. Some nights I stay up late in the dark. And some nights I think that life's so uncertain.

6. "And I'll kneel down/Know my ground"

I Will Wait|Mumford and Sons

A very energetic folk rock song from an emerging band named Mumford and Sons.

It's unusual for me to see orchestrated guitars, banjo, bass, piano, and even membranophones...until I saw Mumford and Sons on Late Show with David Letterman. So great. Harmonic vocals and heartwarming words summed up into 3 words: I will wait.

I will wait for the completion of third year, I thought. I will wait for the completion of my academic life. I will wait for the fulfillment of my dreams. I will wait for love (I don't even have time to think of that in the meantime). Seriously. Everything is settled in God's timetable.

5. "There's been a lot of talk of love/But that don't amount to nothing"

Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It|Stars

The first song I've ever heard from Stars, thanks to Jam 88.3. A very heartfelt and heartwarming song colored with synthesizer lines and New Wave-ish guitars and drums.

It's true. It's a lesson I've learned and even learning—so far. Give without asking back. Accept when you're given. How simple to read, but how challenging to do.

4. "If you're lost and alone/Or you're sinking like a stone."

Carry On|Fun.

A lever that will wake you up and push you through. It's an encouragement brought to you by fun.

No matter how hard life is, we have to carry on. We have to go on and go forward with God's help.

Power pop again...From a piano line to a pulsating interference of beats and rock sounds.

3. "I played soldier, you played king"

Burn It Down|Linkin Park

"Burn It Down", one of LP's current singles, is the most electrifying among the tracks in their latest album Living Things. More of synths, and more of LP's energy.

And more of LP's meaningful words. And I've sensed that I can relate to this one.

Like a wave, we're brought up, then we learn that we're being put down. We're lifted up, then in time we're down below.

2. "...Ayoko maging robot"


The band's recent single, which also introduced me to the band. Not only do I like the homegrown electronic sound made by the 5-piece band of a guitar, a professional drums, a bass synth, a touch-here-touch-there effects, and a different kind of vocals.

I also like the the content of it: the reality that we tend to burn out and still working on something. It's such a burden, because we're humans. Not robots. Therefore, we have limitations, and we hope that we will take a break from this daily routine of work and being restless.

I can't afford being stressed for a long time, and how stressful the last school year has been!

1. "Do you need you take my youth to.."

Turn It Well|Up Dharma Down

And finally, we have reached #1...with Up Dharma Down's "Turn It Well", out from their currently released album Capacities.

It is the song that rekindled my awareness about UDD. A great and harmonious combination of 80's-like keyboard sounds, drum-pad-played loops, good guitars, and a sweet voice.

Also, "Turn It Well" is a nice reminder for all of us to take a break from our busyness and get relaxed for some time. I refer this thought to the title of the song.

And here it goes..My 101 songs in third year. It's been a hard series to work on because I lost the time to consequently post part after part. Finally, it's done. I hope you've found something new to listen out of all these songs.

Let's keep the music going.

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