10 Old Songs of My Third Year

Before I unfold the top 10 songs of my third year, I now share these songs that I've found out from the 80s that made its way to my ears during third year.

10. "There is no historical precedent/To put the words in the mouth of the President"


One thing's for sure: I was fond of Sting during third year. I've learned this song from a Sting concert aired on Myx. I like the origin of this song: an invention of a friend of Sting. They just watched a Russian broadcast through the invention, and so Sting made this song of his hopes that Russians will love their children as lovely as their cartoons.

In case you don't know him, he's the vocalist and bassist of one of the most heard bands in the 80s—The Police. He's a very talented musician.

9. "In times like these I have no answer/Nothing to say at all"

Coming Home|Fra Lippo Lippi

A melodramatic, piano-tuned song from a favorite of Filipinos who grew up listening to them—Fra Lippo Lippi.

Sometimes, I tend to miss home...After all the pain and getting tired of everything in school.

And so I miss my self too. That's "home" for me.

8. "On and on the rain will say/How fragile we are"


Back to Sting. He makes realistic and heartfelt songs, and you hear them in different tones. Take "Fragile", for example. It makes me think of cold summer nights or simply a sunset by the bay.

But again, I like the realistic words shown here. It's true guys. "How fragile we are".

7. "Don't you go it makes no sense/When all your talking supermen"

Ghost In You|Psychedelic Furs

Actually, I started hearing this at my younger years. But I just knew at my older age the way it strikes the mind and heart. This can also sound nice if a band covers this at promenade.

6. "There is a future left to find"

This Heaven|Marginal Era

I unearthed this New Wave-ish song while searching about a music video program in New Zealand in the 80s entitled Radio with Pictures. They used this song in the intro.

5. "Frankenstein's monster..."

ABC Auto-Industry|Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

"Wait, wait, wait...You included this? What's that?!", you might ask.

Well...That's again the thing in electronic music or synthpop...They have fillers! And this one came from an 80s band that I really like—Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark or OMD.

It comes from their album Dazzle Ships. There are many fillers there, actually, from a radio recording to a collage of announcing time checks.

And this? Simply layering voices uttering A-B-C and 1-2-3, plus radio and industrial sounds. Such a creative musical art.

Take some time to listen. Live video here.

4. "Maybe I don't know if I should change"

Such A Shame|Talk Talk

This really is a discovery... After "It's My Life", this is another song that I heard from the band.

Bongo drum-like intro to exploding synth lines to guitar riffs. Then, of course, those words: such a shame.

It's just harmonic and definitely 80s.

3. "Then let me build a bridge/For I cannot fill the chasm"

Fortress Around Your Heart|Sting

And we're back to Sting...again.

I've stumbled upon this one last year, after knowing that he'll perform here.

This is really heartfelt. But I also appreciate the words: those metaphors of battle and weapons connected to his struggling relationship with his wife at that time.

It's really a wonderful song that comes from the heart.

2. "Be yourself no matter what they say"

Englishman In New York|Sting

I can really relate to this. It reminds me to be myself, to be who I am regardless of what people think or say.

Sometimes, I felt I am such an alien. I'm so different and unusual...But it's who I am, so I just have to live with that and enjoy the life I'm living—with honesty to myself.

1. "There's a little black spot on the sun today"

King of Pain|The Police

Finally, this single of The Police topped them all!

So why I picked this? I already knew it before I entered third year and face the pains of growing up. But it just fitted right at that single school year.

From academical to personal pain, it seems like I'm already the king. The sun just not shines so bright because I see a black spot...It's just not going well.

But thankfully, I conquered such pains. "No pain, no gain" indeed. Life has opposites. And with joy or comfort comes pain. We are to get into pain, and even growing up consists of pains.

But should we always be in pain? Not at all. There is pain for a purpose. Most likely you won't learn the lessons you now know without pain. And if you question God why there should be pain, the answer will most likely be the fact that we need to learn and understand. "All things work together for good." (Romans 8:28, KJV)

There you go, friends. Songs which you may not know, or you think are already out of tune in today's generation. Yet for me, these songs have meanings. Most of all, they are worth hearing. I hope you'll also be open to this kind of music, and hopefully you'll realize that great music doesn't only come from today, but also from yesterday. 

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