Review:"The Myrmidon Project"

The cover of The Myrmidon Project,showing a simple newsdesk.

    I just recently finished a thriller novel entitled The Myrmidon Project written by Chuck Scarborough,an Emmy-award-winning newscaster of a local station in New York(WNBC-TV);and William Murray,an author.The book was published in 1981.The novel focuses on Harvey Grunwald--a famous anchorman of the television station ACN(American Communications Network),and "the best anchorman television ever produced" who beats other newscasters of other stations in America.He demanded an annual salary of ten million dollars,and he felt it was fair enough since his contract would only last for five years.

    However,the network's chairman didn't agree;but he can't and won't also loose Grunwald,for he hosts the station's evening news that topped the ratings,making his show number 1 in the country.Hence,the network formed a solution to the problem-The Myrmidon Project,a concept of advanced technology that is "close to reality".It might satisfy the viewing audience,but it would also haunt them.

The authors:At the left is the newscaster Chuck Scarborough,
while at the right is William Murray.
    The novel presents many characters,including Jeff Campbell,a cameraman who knows Grunwald well;Sarah Anderson,the president of the news dept.of the network;Tracy Phillips,a new news person in ACN who turned out to be Jeff's mate;and Wade Nolan,an adventure-seeking,maniac Vietnam vet and mountainman.

    As Harvey Grunwald waited for his demand to be attended,things started to be tragic and depressing for his life.Disasters came upon his wife and children.Yet,after the disaster and the mournings,Sarah Anderson promoted Grunwald's comeback on TV.As the anchorman returned on air,the ratings increased,and the money the network generates from the newscast grew.

    However,Grunwald seems to be unseen,as if he doesn't exist,nowhere to be found;and Jeff Campbell was concerned about his friend that he became curious of what's happening around the station.Together with Tracy and Wade,they'll come to know a shocking truth about Grunwald, and they'll find out what is in The Myrmidon Project.

    Though the plot seems to be intriguing and well-written,I wouldn't recommend this novel for young readers like me.Why?The book contains gross and obscene scenes.The book is some sort of disgusting because of the dirty things written there.I just suffered reading them,and throughout the days reading them,I wonder if I'm reading a thriller or an erotic story.And since I am a television enthusiast,I just wanted to know that Myrmidon Project,how the writers describe the newsroom,and the conclusion,of course.I definitely disgusted those provocative scenes.That is the one main thing I hate in this novel.

    Nonetheless and perhaps,those obscenities in the story just reveals the personalities of the characters there,especially Wade Nolan and Crawford/Mr.Reynolds,who are both maniacs and perverts.Again,for young readers and even young women,don't read it until you're either 16-18,understanding things,or married(I think).

    But all in all,The Myrmidon Project is "well-paced"(especially at the final chapters),as said by Washington Post;and well-written.It exhibits themes of the television industry,corporate business,tragedies,and--in my own opinion--greed.It could make a good movie,I guess.Just fix and clean things up,deleting every indecent paragraphs and focusing on Harvey Grunwald and Myrmidon.

    Aside from Myrmidon,Scarborough also has two other novels: Stryker and After Shock,which I hope I could find and buy at my "sanctuary"--Booksale--someday;and which I also hope would be clean and decent,no smuts and no obscenities.

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