A Fictional Summer Vacation From The Imagination

   What if you're summer is like life on Adventure Time—the animated series on Cartoon Network?

   Watching Adventure Time is one of the things I do this summer. For your information, Adventure Time is one of the standard cartoons on Cartoon Network today. It is one of my favorite cartoons as a teenager who still appreciates the wonder of cartoons. It follows the adventures of Finn the human and his best friend Jake the dog in a place called Land of Ooo. The cartoons are definitely wonderful. Yes. The cartoons and the stories are weird and funky, but I like it that way. Every story is well-written and cool.  The music is cool, often featuring electronic and synthesizer-made sounds similar to video games from Atari 1600 and Family Computer of the 80's. Adventure Time is certainly distinct and unique.

   What if your summer is like Adventure Time?

   I think it would be new, different yet enjoyable.

   When you spend that vacation as real as Adventure Time, what you'll mostly do is to trek on adventures, fight enemies and villains with skills and a sword that makes you a hero, help people in trouble and save the day.  But you'll enjoy it. It would be fun.

   You'll live in a big and wonderful tree house located in a serene field of grass. You'll have fun with a cute dog with magical powers to stretch and shrink his body, legs, and arms. You can play games or play VHS on Beemo (BMO)—an Atari+Game Boy+PlayStation+Vectrex game console who can talk and transport you into the virtual reality of video games. The tree house has simple, but nice things inside that I appreciated them. I saw a turntable in one episode, and noticed the telephone with a screen and a headphone in another. 

   You'll also have the privilege of having adventures and seeing the various places and kingdoms of the Land of Ooo. There's the Ice Kingdom, held by the old Ice King who steal princesses unless you and Jake(or vice versa) would stop him every time he works on his schemes. Mountains of crystal ice, lots and lots of penguins which Ice King also takes care of. Grounds of snow, atmosphere shaded with nothing but blue...icy blue. There's also Candy Kingdom. All citizens made of sugar...candies. The kingdom is lead by the tall, long-haired, pink-haired, science geek named Princess Bubblegum, a hybrid of bubble gum and human. She's Finn's crush. You can even have that chance to be kissed for your bravery. Beautopia, a torn yet renovated underground city thanks to a large, muscular but gentle woman named Susan Strong.  There are just many places you could see that I couldn't remember them so much.

   You'll also enjoy partying with different and even odd people—mostly with the candy people of the Candy Kingdom— playing games, dancing to the beat of upbeat music, waving your arms and legs like this and that. That's the culture there. Partying is an enjoyment for most of the people there, especially in Candy Kingdom—again.
   As you live your vacation the Adventure Time way, you could also solve mysteries; meet many people, including other princesses, the Korean Lady Rainicorn and her parents,crafty people and creatures, big and small; visit Tree Trunks and eat her specialty—apple pie; have jam sessions with Marceline the Vampire Queen; read the book Enchiridion; observe and help Princess Bubblegum on her scientific researches and experiments; find memories; create your own melodies and make music using your voice that turns to be electronic, and by playing with balloons, guitars, and even BMO's motherboard, perhaps.

   There are many things you could learn and do there. It's just random!

   That vacation would be fun. Though it may lead to challenging and sometimes dangerous situations, you'll certainly have fun.

   It would be a nice vacation...Care-free...Just like the younger days.

   And you'll know what time it is.

   ...Adventure Time!

For my fellow Filipinos, catch Adventure Time weekdays at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm, 6 and 7 pm. For others, just check your TVs if you have cable or satellite. And correct me if I'm wrong with any of what I wrote. You're free to comment. 

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