Another Appointment with Books

I'm done with another first semester, and it left papers as a remembrance now filed into their respective envelopes. Not only does first sem's end mean I can finally give myself much rest. For me, it also means cleaning my small room, its shelves, and books. 

It's been a usual thing to do during free time, and I'd been waiting to clean my room and revisit my books. It was another time for me to decide which to keep, and which to "phase out". Yet, what seems to be a once-a-day job before extended to at least three days! I started late in the morning with cleaning the dust off the shelves, but I found it difficult to accomplish attending to my books for a day. But at least, I started!

I cleared the shelves, taking the books out of their nooks one by one. These books stayed stacked in the different corners and spaces of the almost-skimpy home: at the living room, at my desk (on top and under), and at my room.

After I cleaned my shelves, I started cleaning the books I placed at the living room. Next, I headed to the desk and cleared the top desk first, stacked with both pocketbooks and hardbounds (and also a softbound). 

Few days passed before I got to attend to the rest of my stacks of books. So there were much books left piled up like prototype buildings.

When I got back to my books two days after, there was much which I decided to let go—phase out, in other words. But there was much I wanted to keep, and I did, especially the YA ones. And with that comes somehow a promise to get back to them and finally read them. I hope.

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