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Artwork by Adrian Conoza, Title: Idle Art

Recently, I had a seemingly once-in-summer getaway at SM mall at our place here on Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I got that opportunity to get some strolling after staying in the house and sauntering Walter Mart—which is nearer than SM—for days. That day was our enrollment day, and after I was finally enrolled, I and most of my classmates went to SM.

I haven't gone to SM for a long time. Thanks that it was enrollment day, I finally spent my carefree time there. There's the bonding, and the talking, and—at last—a larger and more different Booksale.

Once again, I've talked a lot. After a long time not seeing or meeting my classmates, we were there again as classmates and friends. Then again, I unexpectedly dried my throat out as I have observed it before.

I discussed a lot of things with these people, including the recent brawl between journalist Mon Tulfo and actor Raymart Santiago in NAIA; the competition and performances on American Idol; Adventure Time and other cartoons. But then, I had reflected on a thought thanks to these conversations that I had that remarkable day.

I remember having that impression when I and some classmates ate at McDonalds. At that assembly of perhaps 3 small tables we talked about the happenings on American Idol, including that shocking moment when the judges, with no hesitation, used their lone "save" on the almost-eliminated Jessica Sanchez. So, I had these ideas and opinions of mine in mind. I'm ready to speak them out and let them be heard. When a classmate of mine was already finished talking, I decided to speak. I started to talk....but then, another voice interfered. I stopped and let the voice of that person be broadcasted through the ears of my classmates. I tried again. I spoke...but again, another voice meddled before I could complete what I wanted to say. But at the end, I had my opinion heard.

I just hate it when I am interfered when I had that chance to speak. I can compare it to some session in the Senate, or perhaps the nearly concluding impeachment trial of the Chief Justice, where voices confront on each other. A person is interrupted by the other. The one speaking in those small microphones will suddenly be toppled by another standing in some box with a number in it.

Or perhaps, I'm the one who interfered.

I realized that as I want to share what I have to say, I should also have to listen. I have to lend an ear in every person in every discussion. I think that's what I have forgotten. While it's good to talk, it's also important to listen. Listening is an important part in a conversation, as well as in a interview or a talk show.

In listening, you get to understand things and hear the viewpoints of others, whether they are as same or as different as yours. If you lend an ear and give chances to every person to speak, you'll learn things and you'll have your curiosities and doubts clarified. Keeping one's ears open to people gives them a sense of respect, and most of the time, it would be a comfort to a friend, a family member, or churchmate who might have problems or burdens that he/she wants to share.

Isn't it nice to listen and not just dry your throat?

Don't just speak and speak to get attention. Listen.

You know what? I should wait for my turn. I'll remain listening.

* * *

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